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No matter what challenges you have with occupational noise, 3M™ Hearing Conservation solutions provide a full range of hearing protectors to help you address your needs. Learn more about hearing protection products and how to select them.

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We don't just sell hearing protection

We're dedicated to the success of your entire hearing conservation program. 3M™ E-A-R™ and PELTOR™ Hearing Protection Products are some of the most recognized on the market and are designed to provide protection, comfort, and ease of use.

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How to choose Hearing Protection & Communication Products

Active and passive hearing protection products

3M offers earmuffs, earplugs and protective communications with both active and passive hearing protection features. Active hearing protection uses powered electronics to detect and cancel out noise. Passive hearing protection blocks sound using materials.

  • Earmuffs are a popular choice in hearing protection due to their ease of use and consistent fit. Available in headband, neckband, hard hat attached and folding models, earmuffs help meet hearing protection needs in many common applications.

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    Earplugs provide a great combination of comfort and hearing protection for users. They come in a variety of types and styles:

  • Often, workers still need to be able to hear critical information, even when it's noisy. 3M advanced hearing protection solutions not only help provide protection, but also can help you hear and communicate in noisy environments.

Hearing protection programs and support to help protect workers

Hearing protection products will only help if the right products are chose, if they fit and work proerly, and if workers use them. 3M offers program plans, software and educion to help emplyers
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