Patient Monitoring

Biological Indicators for Equipment and Load Monitoring

3M load monitoring solutions for steam, VH2O2 and EO.

3M™ Attest™ Biological Indicators for Steam, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene Oxide

  • Three 3M Attest biological indicators for steam, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and ethylene oxide.

    When loads are released based on a final negative result of a Biological Indicator (BI), you want the confidence that the monitoring results are clear and reliable. 3M has the technology, the tools, and the technical support you need to help you implement and maintain a consistent, streamlined load monitoring program across three modalities - steam, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and ethylene oxide.

3M recommendations for load monitoring

To maintain the highest level of sterilization assurance, 3M considers Every Load Monitoring with a BI to be a best practice.

By monitoring every load, you provide the same level of care to every patient. The speed of Attest biological indicators for steam, VH2O2 and EO make it practical to quarantine loads until BI results are known, ensuring every load released has confirmed BI results.

  • AAMI ST79 recommends monitoring with a BI PCD (process challenge device) weekly, preferably daily, plus all loads containing implants. (

  • A PCD containing a BI and Class 5 integrating indicator is recommended in every load containing implants. (10.5.4)

  • A Class 5 integrating indicator within a PCD may be used to monitor non-implant loads. (10.5.4)