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Medical Device Development

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For over 50 years, our medical-grade adhesive tape and film components have been trusted by hospitals and clinics around the world for applications ranging from professional wound care dressings to device attachments and strappings. Our experts can help you select the best options for your design, from “skin-friendly” materials to aggressive adhesives used in the actual construction of your device. Whatever product development stage you’re at, we’re ready to help you succeed – with solutions that can help improve device reliability, enhance performance and reduce costs.

Nonwoven Tapes: Provide excellent conformability and breathability for extended wear applications or therapeutic devices. Printable options are available to display your brand.

Film Tapes: A wide variety of choices to create the appearance you desire – with the adhesion you require. Tapes in this category range from breathable to occlusive and gentle to aggressive adhesion in both single and double-coated versions. Printable options are available.

Foam Tapes: A soft, cushioning yet conformable alternative to film and nonwoven tapes. Being of thicker caliper, foam tapes allow for easy attachment to flanges or skin. PVC foams are more conformable than polyethylene foams. Both are available in multiple colors.

Hydrocolloid Adhesives: The best options in “skin-friendly” attachment. Hydrocolloid adhesives are gentle to the skin over longer wear durations, provide skin hydration, and easily release from the skin. Due to their thickness, they also provide a comfortable cushioning effect.

Film & Accessories: We offer vapor barrier films, hydrophilic films for liquid transport, release liners and plastic coated wire tapes.

When you are designing a medical device that must attach to a patient’s skin, a lot depends on your choice of adhesive system. How long will the device remain on the patient? Does it need to be conformable? What skin types or conditions will be encountered? Will the adhesive be compatible with both your materials of construction and the patient? Should the adhesive be medical grade?

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Your next generation device is ready for next steps. Our network of Preferred Converters includes a diverse group of medical device manufacturing experts to help you take the next step.