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  • Beveling the edge of a metal pipe or sheet seems like a small step in the metalworking process, but it makes every part easier to weld. Making an angled bevel along two connecting edges makes more room for the weld and allows for a tighter hold. So by using our new, long-lasting 3M™ Silver Abrasives, you can minimize changeovers and save time in the long run. To bevel individual parts even faster, try our Cubitron II™ discs and wheels. Whichever bevel tool you use, 3M has a solution for you.

Metalworker operating 3M Grinder to grind a weld as sparks fly

Get the most out of your bevel tool with our long lasting 3M™ Silver Abrasives.


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  • Beveling with 3M Cubitron II Depressed Center Grinding Wheels, Fibre Discs, and Flap Discs Video
    Beveling Using 3M™ Cubitron™ II Wheels and Discs

    In this video we’ll help you choose the best 3M Cubitron™ II product for your beveling needs. Use Depressed Center Grinding Wheels for a long abrasive life. Fibre Discs are the fastest, and Flap Discs offer versatility, as well as user friendliness.

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Sparks flying from grinding metal
Sparks flying from grinding metal

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