Precision Grinding and Finishing

Precision Grinding and Finishing

Specialized solutions for highly complex processes


Precision Grinding and Finishing Applications

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  • Gear wheels are central elements concerning drive engineering, and they ensure a constant transmission of interacting forces. With increasing requirements in durability, the need for precision, running smoothness, and extensive hard grinding becomes more and more essential.

  • Rotary and stationary tools are important utilities for reproducible changes in the shape of components. With our portfolio of grinding wheels and grinding machines, we are able to offer you stable quality and high efficiency for your process.

  • High production standards and rising requirements for process safety require precise and high-quality grinding wheels. With 3M's technical expertise in grinding technology, we are glad to support you in optimizing your grinding processes.

Spotlight | Precision Grinding and Finishing on Specialized Substrates

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  • With our precision grinding expertise, 3M is well-prepared for the special needs and challenges of grinding and finishing high precision parts within the watch and jewellery manufacturer industry. We would be glad to work with you on your precious workpieces.

  • Since modern architecture and life are inconceivable without glass, 3M can provide you professional solutions for drilling, cutting and countersinking on a glass substrate.

  • Whether you are removing defects on casted steel before further processing, roll grinding or cutting billets, metal bars or tubes, 3M offers specialized solutions to help stabilize processes and provide optimal results.

  • 3M offers products for grinding and machining medical implants and surgical instruments which suit various materials and deliver high quality surface results.

Brands for Precision Grinding and Finishing

The former well-known brands of the Winterthur Technology Group - Winterthur™, SlipNaxos™, Rappold™ - are now united within 3M. Learn more about our 3M™ Cubitron™ II.

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We are interested in helping you decide which precision grinding and finishing product works best for your application. A 3M Abrasive Expert will contact you to ensure you’re getting the product you need to get your job done right.

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