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Professional wearing protective clothing and holding a microelectronics component in a clean room
Microelectronics Filtration

From reducing contaminants to improving process efficiencies, enhance your processes with scalable 3M filtration solutions.


Why choose 3M Filtration and Separation solutions

  • Wherever you get your source water, and whatever the steps in your process, and however you treat your wastewater, 3M Filtration and Separation has high-quality, cost-effective solutions to help support your operation and processes.


  • Image of Incoming, Process and Waste icons

Comprehensive solutions for incoming, process and waste water and fluids

  • Comprehensive

    Your manufacturing processes may be complicated. Whether you’re making semiconductors, building displays or manufacturing silicon wafers, the 3M Filtration and Separation product portfolio helps support the microelectronics manufacturing processes—from the first step to the last.

  • Efficient

    Your finished products can help make people and machines more efficient, and 3M Filtration and Separation solutions can help make you more efficient. Easy-to-maintain filtration and separation systems can help you save time and avoid microelectronics manufacturing disruptions. 3M technical experts can support your unique filtration needs to help maintain or improve quality with cost-effective solutions.

  • Dependable

    3M Filtration and Separation solutions provide high-quality and long filter life to help ensure process and product consistency at every step of your microelectronics manufacturing process and help you meet your strict requirements.

  • Responsible

    3M Filtration and Separation products designed for microelectronics manufacturing help provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for particle filtration, gas control and sustainable water management for your manufacturing process.

Microelectronics Filtration by Market

What do semiconductor, silicon wafer, display and hard disk drive manufacturers all have in common? The need for contaminant reduction and a quality finished product – made possible by the right filtration and gas control solutions. From major manufacturers to smaller operations, 3M microelectronics filtration solutions help keep customers meeting their end customer needs.

  • Success in semiconductor manufacturing comes down to the critical process of reducing contaminants. 3M filtration and gas transfer membrane products help bring proven performance for your manufacturing process.

  • Increased levels of filtration performance are what is needed to meet today’s microelectronics industry demands for silicon wafers. 3M filtration solutions help silicon wafer manufacturers meet the strict requirements and necessary process efficiencies of electronics and semiconductor manufacturing processes.

  • Display manufacturing leaves little room for error at every step of the process. Help take your display manufacturing process to the next level with reliable and scalable 3M filtration solutions.

  • With the growing demand for renewable energy, you’ll need to keep pace with high-quality PV cell production. 3M filtration products can help ensure that you're using high quality water in your process to get high quality results.

  • An essential part of the hard disk drive manufacturing quality process is eliminating damaging contaminants. 3M filtration products help manufacturers of hard disk drives around the world achieve high levels of process integrity for their critical applications.

  • How ceramic capacitors are manufactured, and the filtration used to remove unwanted particles has a big impact on capacitor performance and the performance of your end microelectronic devices. You can count on 3M filtration solutions to help ensure uniform particle distribution in your manufacturing processes.

  • Wire board manufacturing involves a lot of pieces, steps and processes that all have to come together with precision to create a reliable finished product. 3M filtration solutions can help you ensure that your wire board manufacturing will meet your growing performance needs.

  • The demand for lithium ion batteries is high and only expected to keep growing, with electronic devices, hybrid and electric vehicles driving demand. Manufacturers with the capabilities to create lighter, longer lasting and more reliable batteries will need better, more efficient contamination control. 3M can help provide the filtration solutions to help you ensure that your lithium ion battery manufacturing can meet your increasing performance needs.

  • 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors have helped displace vacuum towers, forced draft deaerators, and oxygen scavengers around the world for over 20 years. 3M supports your dissolved gas control projects with deep technical support and service by working collaboratively to ensure solutions meet requirements and expectations.

Additional Microelectronics Manufacturing Technologies from 3M

3M also offers other electronics technologies and dissolved gas control products solutions for your microelectronics filtration and gas control processes.

  • Gas bubbles floating on a blue background
  • Our dissolved gas control products are capable of adding gases to or removing dissolved gases and bubbles from compatible liquid streams. 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors provide efficient dissolved gas control in a compact design. These gas transfer devices utilise hollow fiber membrane technology that may help facilities around the world improve operating efficiency, performance and protect product quality.

Featured Products

3M has a breadth of products to help you in your semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing processes.

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