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  • Like you, we know an iconic bumper-to-bumper automotive design when we see it. Also like you, we know that these designs are not always possible if the bumpers must now contain discreet sensors. 3M continues to combine and apply technologies across industries to develop the very latest automotive exterior solutions from design through production. Our solutions enable bonding components to the latest metals, plastics and composites; new capabilities in heat management and corrosion protection; the increased use of glass without added heat and glare; and even more effective management of lightweighting and noise, vibration and harshness. All of this takes the form of an expansive range of solar films, primerless tapes and tape attached hardware, structural adhesives, paint defect removal systems and much more. These solutions allow true design flexibility – the kind that lets a great design stay great, including out in the world.

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  • Busy highway - auto bonding materials for mobility

    This indispensable range of tapes for automotive OEMs features conformable, viscoelastic foam cores for stress relaxation under high application loads and tight bond lines under normal conditions. Developed specifically for attaching exterior trim and other parts to automotive paint surfaces, these tapes include several versions suitable for attachment without adhesion promoters.

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