3M™ Ecosip

3M™ Ecosip. High-tech, yet affordable.

The revolutionary product that allows you to have 1 lakh litre of pure and healthy drinking water with zero water wastage.


About 3M™ Ecosip

An upgrade to your current drinking water system.

3M™ EcoSip provides you with a germ- and stain-free kitchen, so you can cook, wash vegetables and clean utensils with pure water from any tap in the kitchen.

Features and Benefits

The system requires minimal maintenance and removes chlorine and bacteria so you can enjoy safe drinking water.

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    NSF & FDA

    NSF and/FDA CFR-21 Compliant Materials used throughout.

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    No Water Wastage

    Enjoy bacteria-free* water without wasting a single drop.

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    No Scaling

    Maintain your kitchen in pristine condition with no scaling on kitchen slabs and vessels.


The system provides 3 stages of filtration. Pre-Filter Wrap ensures larger impurities are filtered out in initial phases. The Premium Pleated Membrane removes 99.95% bacteria* cysts and particulates with minimal pressure drop. Lastly, the Premium Carbon Block with Pre-Activated Carbon Block uses catalysis to capture chlorine to provide chlorine-free and odour-free water.

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    Sequestering Technology

    Food grade media dissolve in water and encapsulate hardness ions to make them inert. The silicates also coat pipes and fixtures to prevent internal scaling and corrosion.

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    Sanitary Quick Change

    Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge design helps provide fast and easy cartridge change-out with minimal effort.

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    Proprietary IMPACT Technology

    This technology delivers bacteria-free* water using patented pharmaceutical grade membrane.

Cartridge Model

3M™ Ecosip is available in the following model:

  • IAS140S cartridge
  • IAS140S

    Has a Micron Rating of 0.2 and capacity of 1 lakh litre**

    **1 lakh litre or 1 year, whichever is earlier.

    *Bacteria reduction up to 99.95% as tested at manufacturer's laboratory with E Coli ATGG (11229) or psuedomonas (B) diminuta (19146).

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