Get a Brilliant Shine With These Car Wash & Wax Tips

Get a luxurious shine on your car with these easy-to-follow guides. Uncover common mistakes in your wash and wax routine, and how to avoid them for a spotless finish!

How To Wash & Wax Your Car

Watch these handy videos on how to properly wash and wax a car for an effortless glossy finish!

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    Simple steps for a cleaner car

    Reverse the effects of wear with these easy steps.

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    Auto care made easy

    Wash and wax essentials for an effortless shine.

How to properly wash and wax a car

how to remove swirl marks on car paint

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Maintain your car easily by choosing a car wash with the right formula and maintain its brilliant shine with a wax! Visit one of our online shops or find a retailer near you!

Follow these 3 quick & easy steps to wash your car

Car wash is an essential step in your auto care routine. Done the right way, you needn’t worry about fading of paint or fine scratches. These steps highlight the best way to clean your car to add gloss and shine.

  • Two-bucket car wash method
    Step 1: Two-bucket method

    The two-bucket method ensures a cleaner and scratch-free car. One bucket contains the car wash shampoo solution and the other is filled with water. Dipping your detailing cloth in water helps to wash out dirt and small sediments before applying the car wash soap on your car. It is a small but necessary step to prevent fine scratches during your car wash.

  • Car wash shampoo gentle on car paint
    Step 2: Use car wash shampoo with a formula that gently cleans it

    Regular detergent contains harsh chemicals which may be effective in removing dirt. However, it strips the layer of protective wax on your car. Select a formula that is top coat safe while tough on dirt.

    Choose a car wash shampoo that contains a concentrated formula, only a small amount is enough to clean your whole car!

  • Microfibre cloth
    Step 3: Use a microfibre cloth

    The final step in your car wash routine is to gently wipe off excess water. Use a microfibre cloth that is lint-free with soft fibers. Not only does it absorb dirt easily, it is gentle on all surfaces. This cloth is ideal for dusting and patting your car dry after a wash.

Auto Care Checklist

  • Car care checklist
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