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Gasket Attachment

3M Gasket Attachment adhesives and tapes keep fluids in place.

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Design challenges associated with attaching and sealing gaskets

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  • Compression Stress

    Because gaskets are often held in place with pressure and friction (O-rings, for example) a true “bond” may not be required. In applications such as these, adhesive bonded gaskets are most commonly placed in compression stress.

  • Peel Stress

    The primary function of the adhesive or tape is to seal and permanently bond the gasket should the two different parts be separated. For gaskets with exposed edges or applications requiring frequent separation (e.g. refrigerator doors), peel stresses become prominent. Gasket material is often very flexible, and adhesives and tapes with high peel strengths are required.​

  • Image of Peel Stress


Gaskets bonded into a groove provide ultimate strength because the groove serves to prevent peel forces from delaminating the adhesive or tape.

Performance Factors for Gasket Attachment

3M tapes, adhesives, sealers and fasteners offer a range of options for gasket attachment applications, whether you need to permanently bond panels to rigid frames, maintain elasticity for dynamic loads or allow for expansion when temperatures change. Use this list as a relative comparison of product performance.

  • + = Good ++ = Better +++ = Best

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