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Mounting and Trim Attachment

3M Mounting and Trim Attachment solutions hold strong and long for smarter designs

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Mounting and Trim Attachment is the application of a smaller object to a larger surface to add functionality or decoration. These kinds of attachments are common in transportation, appliances, furniture, construction and architecture. They often require dead load holding strength, aesthetics, removability and fast bonding with little or no fixturing. ​

  • Person mounting parking sign to concrete wall
    • High-strength bonding
    • Replaces screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners
    • Pre-apply to trim for production flexibility
    • Ideal for dissimilar substrates
  • Mounting Assembly

    Examples include small signs, mirrors and white boards, and panel-over-panel with partial adhesive coverage.​

    • Acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives
    • Over 1000 psi in overlap shear strength
    • For highest strength, fatigue and environmental resistance
    • Excellent for metal-to-metal bonds
  • Trim Attachment

    Decoration or identification added to a surface. Examples included nameplates, edge banding, bezels, rosettes and muntin bars.​

    • One part solvent-free cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive
    • Reaches handling strength in 5–30 seconds
    • Best for small very tight bondlines (<10 cm )
    • Commonly used on rubbers and plastics
    • 100% solid
    • Thermoplastic resin
    • Reaches bond strength in seconds
    • Best for wood and plastic
    • Single component
    • Hot-applied thermosetting adhesive
    • Immediate strength and holding power
    • Final cured strength over 1,000 psi
    • Best for wood and plastic
    • Strong, yet easily removable fastening
    • Ideal for quick mounting, trimming, or sign installations and change-outs
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive on a liner
    • Lamination by hand or automation
    • Instant adhesion
    • No mess or waste
    • Very thin bond lines
    • Paper, film or tissue carrier
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides
    • Laminated by hand or automation
    • Can be pre-applied to trim
    • Provides very thin, neat bondlines
    • Special formulations available for LSE plastics
  • Decorative trim mounted on painted surface

Shear Stress in Mounting and Trim Attachment Assemblies

  • Shear stress occuring in an overlap joint
  • Video of Speed and Efficiency
    Speed and Efficiency

    3M Adhesive Tapes easily bond even the narrowest areas, while maintaining the ease and convenience for readjustments during installations. This improves workability, while designs are also cleaner without post-adjustment scratches or marks.

  • Very similar to panel-to-frame and stiffener-to-panel assemblies, mounting and trim often experience dead load shear due to gravity. Because the joint is often already designed as shear it is an inherently preferable design for adhesive bonding. Some mounting applications, however, will also see some cleavage in addition to shear – and as an impact rather than dead load: consider lenses or housings mounted to portable electronics or cases. Dynamic stresses are very common and drop-tests may be performed to test adhesive or tape strength. ​

  • Video of Bond Dissimilar Materials
    Bond Dissimilar Materials

    3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives are compatible and maintain strong adhesion with multiple joint shapes and sizes. Simply select the 3M adhesive solution that suits your chosen material’s surface energy and you’re good to go.

Performance factors for mounting and fixing small parts

Industrial adhesives and tapes with the features below are best suited for mounting and fixing small parts:

  • Dead load holding strength
  • Enhances aesthetics
  • Able to reposition during application
  • Fast rate of strength build
  • Requires little or no fixturing
  • Removability after cure

Explore the range of 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives to be used in insertion or overlap joints for your project:

Good = + Better = ++ Best = +++

Shear and peel strength Shear and peel strength
Temperature and solvent resistance Temperature and solvent resistance
Rate of strength build Rate of strength build
+ +

Dynamic shear strength
is approximately
400 – 700 N/cm2
+ +

Withstands between
-45 °C - 93°C
+ + +

Bond strength achieved
quickly when exposed to
higher temperatures
+ + +

Holds over 1,000 psi in
overlap shear strength
+ + +

Withstands between
-65 °C - 163°C

Reach over 1,000 psi of
overlap shear stress in less
than nine minutes
+ +

Overlap shear strength
is approximately
1,000-2,000 psi

Withstands between -54 °C
+ + +

Reaches handling strength
within 45 seconds
+ +

Reaches a shear strength of
250 – 700 psi

Withstands between
49 °C - 149°C
+ + +
+ + +

Reach about 1,000 psi in
overlap shear strength
+ + + + +

Builds bond strength over 24-
48 hours

Dynamic shear strength is
9.8 – 41.3 N/cm2
+ +

Withstands between
49 °C - 104°C
+ + +

Overlap shear strength
approximately 500 psi
+ + + + +
+ + +
Withstands between
93 °C - 135°C
+ + +

* Adhesive performance is dependent on cure temperature and size of assembly.

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