Design and Specialty Materials Capabilities

Design and Specialty Materials Capabilities

Performance. Productivity. Freedom of Design. It all starts right here.

How do you make your products quieter? Stronger? Sustainable? How do you engineer-in lightness without compromising durability? Or boost productivity without sacrificing quality?

3M understands the design and manufacturing challenges you face every day. That’s why we offer cutting-edge products and technologies that deliver clearly defined capabilities. You can spec one of our ceramics or polymers, tapes or adhesives, with the high confidence that they’ll perform as expected—and help you bring smarter, better products to market.

Get expert help finding the right capabilities and solutions

With so many products and capabilities to choose from, finding exactly what you need can be a challenge. But there’s a short cut: Talk to a 3M technical specialist and get expert help on the right materials for your application.