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3M improves lives around the world.

  • Volunteers for 3Mgives, our corporate giving program and platform

    Investing our resources. Investing ourselves.

    3Mgives improves lives and builds sustainable communities through community social investments and thoughtful engagement of 3Mers worldwide. 3M India has a well-established CSR initiative through which the company supports various interventions under three focus areas: Education, Community. and Environment.

    3Mgives continues to support initiatives that have a real impact on communities and that provide solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Our investments are more impactful as a result of partnerships with organisations with a proven track record for delivering results

    3Mgives Annual Report (PDF, 15.3 MB)

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    Supporting our communities during COVID

    During the challenging waves of the pandemic, 3M Gives in India made a positive impact on local communities through multiple interventions addressing the emerging needs due to the impact of COVID. During the first wave of the pandemic, 3M India supported migrant labour communities through a pan India food kit distribution program and also donated medical equipment to government hospitals to combat the disease.

    During the second wave of COVID, 3M India collaborated with other partners to support government hospitals with critical medical equipment for ICU units. In addition, the company also supported Government of India’s COVID vaccination mission with community vaccination programs covering underserved populations in rural and urban areas.

3Mgives makes a positive impact in our three focus areas.

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    3Mgives supports initiatives that enable children to get access to quality education and increase student interest in STEM to help build a diverse pipeline of future leaders.

    Interventions are at multiple levels—early child development and education, supporting young scientists and social entrepreneurs, education of underprivileged girl students, and infrastructure support to government schools.

  • 3M India's Primary Healthcare solar program

    3Mgives community efforts in India are aimed at improving lives in communities around the areas where the company has a presence, with interventions ranging from skills development to promotion of public health and safety. The company's response to community interventions during times of natural disasters also comes under the community initiatives.

  • Lake in India - 3M social responsibility includes environment initiatives

    3Mgives invests in programs that foster sustainable communities.

    In line with 3M’s Global Sustainability Goals, 3M India has contributed to initiatives such as rainwater harvesting to address drinking water needs in rural homes and supported agricultural needs. Other interventions include water conversation efforts around city lake development programs