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Investing in a more inclusive world

3M Enhances Community Vibrancy

3M Foundation forms lasting partnerships with communities worldwide and provides resources to help them succeed and grow—ensuring a more interconnected and thriving world.


  • Improve the quality of life in underserved families
  • Increase access to youth development programs for underrepresented children
  • Provide access to vibrant and diverse art opportunities
3M corporate community partnerships include partnering with the govt for the vaccination program

IN 2021, 3M India initiated a community vaccination program to support Government of India’s COVID vaccination mission, partnering with Vaccine on Wheels and United Way of Bengaluru (UWBe) across cities like Pune (PCMC) and Bangalore (BBMP) where 3M has regional presence and in some rural districts of two states, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Addressing the issue of vaccine inequity, this partnership has helped reach out to underserved populations in hard-to-reach urban slums and villages where hesitancy towards vaccinations continued to exist. The programme has administered more than 175,000 vaccinations by deploying 18 mobile vaccination clinics from Vaccine on Wheels, with United Way of Bengaluru playing a crucial role in creating awareness and mobilising beneficiaries to the micro-vaccination booths.

Community Program Highlights

  • 3M corporate charity partnership with Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation to support cancer research
    Supporting Cancer Research & Treatment

    3M India’s focus on advancing science, along with its social justice goals of addressing healthcare inequities, inspired its commitment to the Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation Hospital working in cancer research.

    Over 2020 and 2021, 3M India donated medical equipment to set up the research and treatment facility for Bone Marrow Transplantation and the other medical equipment for cancer research and diagnosis. The hospital continues to build capacity with a vision to be one of the premier cancer research and treatment institutes in the country.

  • 3M is one of the companies that give back through programs like Smile on Wheels
    Providing diagnostic and preventive healthcare access to remote communities

    3M India is partnering with Smile Foundation to support the primary healthcare needs of the underprivileged communities by deploying four mobile healthcare units in rural districts.

    This partnership is expected to reduce the burden on public health infrastructure caused by COVID-19 and will also help create awareness among people towards hygiene, social distancing, and overall wellness.

In alignment with our giving strategies, 3M invests in nonprofit organisations that make our communities even stronger.