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Sterile medical instruments and devices are the first line of defense in infection control

Fight Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) From Every Angle By Leading in Device Reprocessing

  • Fight SSI from every angle by leading in device reprocessing

    Your first line of defense starts with sterilisation monitoring. The risk of SSIs can be minimised by starting with the very products that touch your patients in the OR. Sterilisation monitoring provides the confidence of knowing your surgical devices have been properly sterilised.
    At 3M we understand the challenges you face in instrument reprocessing. We’re a global leader in the manufacture, supply and continuing innovation of biological and chemical indicators for sterilisation monitoring. We have led the way in developing new technologies and techniques that monitors all steps of the sterilisation process monitoring devices including Physical monitors, Chemical Indicators and Biological Indicators.

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  • Cleaning & Disinfection

    Cleaning and disinfecting involves the removal of soil or organic material on instruments and is accomplished using water with detergents or enzymatic products.

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  • Sterilisation & Monitoring

    Sterilisation is a process which kills all forms of life (including spores). It prevents the growth of diseases, spreading of diseases and also any further risk for the patients.

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