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Sterilisation Product Categories

  • Health care professionals worldwide have come to trust our comprehensive portfolio of 3M sterilisation monitoring products that help them monitor all stages of the sterilisation process. Right from cleaning and disinfecting, prepping and packing to sterilising, storing and issuing, 3M sterilisation products help maintain the highest standards in patient care aligned to guidelines related to sterilisation methods and sterilisation techniques.

  • Cleaning & Disinfection Products

    Cleaning agents that are capable of removing visible organic and inorganic residues are used to clean medical devices as soon as practical after use. Soiled materials become dried onto the instruments making it difficult to clean. It is important to clean as well as test and assess the efficacy of cleaning medical devices.


  • Sterilisation & Monitoring Products

    3M Sterilisation & Monitoring products help you control and monitor sterilisation procedures. 3M sets today’s standard for sterilisation process monitoring with a comprehensive monitoring portfolio that addresses the five separate, but interrelated steps of Sterilisation and Control: Equipment Control, Load Control, Pack Control, Exposure Control and Record Keeping.


  • Packaging Products

    Surgical instruments should be inspected and evaluated for cleanliness and functionality after decontamination. It is important to ensure that packaging materials are compatible with the sterilisation process. To ensure all instruments are present in a set it is very important to use a defined checklist.

  • Record Keeping Products

    Record keeping is the final step of a successful sterilisation monitoring process. which provides documentation that items have been processed along with evidence of their monitoring results. Keeping good records helps you trace each pack back through the levels of monitoring control to the sterilisation event itself, making it much easier to track lapses and identify a pattern in case of frequent recalls.

How Surgical Site Infections Impact Healthcare Facilities

  • How Surgical Site Infections Impact Healthcare Facilities

    Prevention of surgical site infection (SSI) is a major component of patient safety and a very high priority. Patients undergoing surgical procedures are at risk of infection and the job of every health care provider is to assist in preventing an infection. A surgical site infection can be minor or it can lead to death. When it occurs the impact is felt by the patient and the patient’s family and or support system. The impact on the healthcare facilities is not only financial but can also adversely impact its reputation of the facility where the surgery was performed. CSSDs play an important role in preventing SSIs.

    Learn more about SSIs, what causes them and how or why a patient sustains such an infection
    Learn more about the guidelines that help prevent SSIs

3M Sterilisation - Assurance at Every Step

Our certified Technical Service group is ready to answer your questions related to sterilisation and reprocessing products, standards, and process troubleshooting. Our team, many with backgrounds in microbiology, chemistry, and other related disciplines, are not only experts on product-related issues, but they use their clinical understanding and knowledge of standards to advise you and get your questions answered.

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