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The rapid growth of new cloud computing, big data technology, 5G, Internet of Things, mobility and automation applications is driving rising demand for the latest semiconductor technology. To power these applications, advanced semiconductor manufacturing is consistently pushing the limits of what’s possible. New device architectures, novel materials and complex integration schemes call for increases in process intensity and complexity. Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) plays a critical role in enabling these integrated processes for mature and advanced node technologies.

3M CMP materials solutions help you deliver process consistency, reduced variation, technology breakthroughs, yield improvement benefits and lower the cost of ownership for global semiconductor manufacturers.

What is chemical mechanical planarization (CMP)?

  • Semiconductor Fabrication Process

    In semiconductor chip manufacturing, integrated circuits are laid down through precisely controlled and carefully engineered layer-by-layer processing. During the fabrication process, semiconductor wafers undergo repeated polishing and planarization to ensure that the wafer surface is flat and free of extraneous material before subsequent layer processing. This process, chemical mechanical planarization (or chemical mechanical polishing) uses a combination of a textured hard or soft CMP pad, a pad conditioner, and a specialized slurry to polish the wafer.

    As the CMP pad is used over time, it must be regularly conditioned with a CMP pad conditioner to maintain consistent polishing performance. Pad conditioners can be made of hard or soft materials, and they can be designed with a range of sizes, textures, and features to condition different types of pads. Integrated optimization of pad, slurry, and conditioner is increasingly necessary to deliver the required CMP performance at advanced nodes.

    3M science spans advanced CMP pad conditioners and CMP pads, and leverages the breadth of 3M’s many technology platforms. Our solutions are designed to help you meet your advanced CMP processes’ demands, including reduced variability, improved planarization performance, tunable selectivity, longer lifetime, process consistency and stability, reduced metal contamination and higher yield.

Innovative, reliable semiconductor CMP materials solutions designed for predictable performance

Explore our innovative solutions helping you deliver consistent and stable CMP processes, excellent planarization, lower defectivity, and reduced cost of ownership.

  • Blending molding, surface modification and microreplication technologies, an array of precisely engineered three-dimensional asperities and pores define the 3M™ Trizact™ CMP pad texture. Our pads help you achieve consistent performance pad-to-pad and help you provide paradigm-shifting high planarization efficiency and low defect performance.

  • From the sintered abrasive diamond technology to the latest precisely microreplicated patterns in 3M™ Trizact™ Pad Conditioners and metal-free conditioner brushes, our products provide innovative pad conditioning solutions to some of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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