3M™ CMP Pad Conditioners

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Redefining CMP Pad Conditioners

Diamond, soft brush and microreplicated CMP pad conditioners developed for your toughest semiconductor fabrication challenges.


Consistent, Reliable CMP Pad Conditioning

In the world of semiconductor fabrication, consistency, reliability and yield are critical at every part of the process. For over 20 years, 3M™ CMP Pad Conditioners have been providing innovative pad conditioning solutions to the world’s leading semiconductor fabricators.

From the exclusive sintered abrasive diamond technology behind 3M™ Diamond Pad Conditioners to the precisely micro-replicated patterns in 3M™ Trizact™ Pad Conditioners, our global technical team is committed to continually redefining the cutting edge of pad conditioner technology. Research and manufacturing facilities around the world provide convenient product support and product supplies.

Three families of 3M™ CMP Pad Conditioners for every fabrication need

  • 3m trizact pad conditioner

    3M™ Trizact™ Pad Conditioners are designed for advanced node processes where precision, reliability and consistency are vital. Using 3M’s proprietary microreplication process, virtually every aspect from overall shape to tip shape to height dispersion can be specified at the micro scale and manufactured out of diamond-coated ceramic.

    • Metal-free Surface: Ideal for advanced node processes sensitive to metallic contamination.
    • Yield Improvement: Diamond-coated ceramic virtually eliminates defects associated with some diamond grit conditioners.
    • Significantly Increased Life: Consistent and predictable pad finish and pad wear disk-to-disk helps enable predictive performance.

  • 3m diamond pad conditioner

    3M™ Diamond Pad Conditioners refresh your CMP pad surfaces, minimize wear, and maintain consistent asperities and consistent pad performance – for wafer after wafer. Their single-layered diamond grid with highly controlled spacing helps enable you to better predict and optimize your CMP pad usage, for better planarization efficiency.

    • Controlled Performance: Diamond spacing and protrusion results in excellent pad planarity.
    • Increased Life: Diamonds are firmly secured with 3M’s proprietary sintered abrasive technology and protected by an edge exclusion zone.
    • Customizable: Adjust for your preferred conditioning aggressiveness.

  • 3M cMP Pad conditioner brush

    Featuring a metal-free construction and low cost of ownership, 3M™ CMP Pad Conditioner Brushes are used for CMP buff and pad cleaning applications.

    • Durable and Metal-free: Using 3M’s proprietary brush making technology, bristles are independently anchored and evenly distributed across the brush surface.
    • Great for Soft CMP Pads: Strong bristles remove pad debris from porometric and felt-based pads.
    • Low Cost of Ownership: Efficient pad cleaning and slurry distribution.

Find a CMP pad conditioner to match your CMP pads

Already have a CMP pad in use? We have many available pad conditioner variations for hard and soft pads, advanced node processes and more. Find the perfect balance of performance, price and other key pad conditioner properties for your process. Download our full product family guide (PDF, 344.13 KB).

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