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Are you ready to improve your smile? Find the look you want and the information you need on the way to your perfect smile.

Take the first step to a better smile.

  • It’s easier than you may think to get a straighter, healthier, more beautiful smile!

    The benefits of braces seem obvious. An attractive smile can boost your confidence at any age. But did you know that it can also help your health? By bringing your teeth in line, braces contribute to healthy teeth and gums, and can even relieve or prevent jaw problems.

    Need more reasons to smile? Getting braces isn’t what it used to be. Today there are more options than ever to fit your look, your lifestyle and your budget. Choose low-profile brackets for comfort or self-ligating braces for shorter appointments. Be bold with bright colors or blend in for a virtually invisible look. Your orthodontist will make a recommendation based on your needs, but it helps to know the options. Because it’s your smile. Your style. And your decision.

What are your options?

Yes, you have a choice! From colorfully cool to nearly invisible, talk with your orthodontist about the look you want – so you can be confident in your choice of braces.

  • Translucent ceramic braces blend in with your teeth for a more natural look. Change it up with brightly colored bands when you want to stand out!

  • These aren’t your parents’ clunky braces. Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before. Self-ligating, low-profile and mini options are available.

  • Go incognito with customized hidden braces. Bonded behind your teeth, they’re always on, always working – and completely invisible!

  • Girls wearing hidden headgear

    No one needs to know you’re fixing your overbite. This comfortable and hidden alternative to headgear works around the clock – and out of sight.

What should you know?

Life with braces is easier than you may think. Learn what to expect from the process and how to care for your smile before, during and after braces.

  • Braces promote both oral health and overall health, including a positive self-image. Learn about the science and art of orthodontic treatment, and see how braces solve common dental problems by moving your teeth into alignment with steady, gentle pressure.

  • Maybe you already have an orthodontist; maybe you just have a list of questions. It’s important to trust your orthodontic team, but it can help to know what to expect from your first appointment – and for your budget – so you can be confident right from the start.

  • How long will it take to get your perfect smile? What’s the process, and does it hurt? How do you brush your teeth? What can you eat? Can you still play sports? What happens after the braces come off? We know you have questions. Your orthodontist can answer them best, but you can check out the basics here.

teen smiling with clear, ceramic braces
Your perfect smile starts here.

Find out what to expect when you get braces – from your first appointment to your new smile.


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