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3M Innovations in Biopharmaceutical Clarification and Purification

Expertise in clarification and purification technologies for more efficient bioprocessing

As manufacturing processes for the biopharmaceutical industry are challenged by demands for volume, customisation, speed to market and scalability, 3M is ready to help you make a difference. As current process chains are tested and challenged, you can count on 3M to be your consistent partner for biopharmaceutical purification, with leading new technologies in filtration, clarification and purification.

Bioprocess optimisation that can make a difference

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    Improvement in process economics ​in upstream and downstream processing
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    Simplified bioprocessing through process intensification
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    Advanced technology innovations for next-generation bioprocessing solutions

Hear from our expert: New bioprocess strategies enabled by 3M

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    Watch the video (24:10), and learn how you can do more with less with advanced bioprocessing technologies

    • Provide linear scalability from lab to commercial production with consistent yield
    • Enable faster purification​
    • Transition to high-performance and robust unit operations

Explore biopharmaceutical harvest and purification applications

Our single-use purification products are designed to address yield and removal of process-related impurities using proprietary technologies that are helping to advance the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Explore 3M solutions with biopharmaceutical separation and purification technology.

  • Redefine and simplify your biologics manufacturing process with next-generation technology. We have the technologies to efficiently capture contaminants and enhance productivity and performance in manufacturing.

  • Leverage chromatographic and membrane technologies for critical process-related impurities and particulate removal.​ Find solutions to help meet increasing demand to deliver high-quality biopharmaceuticals at accelerated speed to market.

3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier, BT500

Efficient workflows. Excellent clarity.

3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier, BT500 is the latest addition to the 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier portfolio. It’s a rapid harvesting solution that saves time and steps without the need for a centrifuge.


Explore applications

  • One step can transform your mAb and recombinant protein manufacturing process. At 3M, we’re helping build better, more efficient and simpler manufacturing processes by developing solutions to enhance biologic drug recovery that leads to improved process economics.​

  • Gene therapy is a fast-changing, promising field with new challenges for manufacturing and separation. Learn how we can help with our technologies and expertise.

  • Plasma fractionation has existed for decades, but additional separation methods are becoming increasingly common. We offer a range of products to help you with your process.

  • Getting the most out of your manufacturing process with speed and on budget is an increasing challenge. Our solutions may help you develop manufacturing processes for vaccines to help maximise purity, leading to overall process economics.​

  • If you need solutions for catalyst removal and recovery, colour removal, particulate filtration and fill-finish, 3M offers a wide range of adsorptive depth filters and membrane products for application in the chemical pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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