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Fiber Chromatographic Clarification

Step into the future with our advanced fiber chromatographic technology to help streamline your process.

Next-generation technology for harvest and clarification

As you work with higher density cell cultures providing higher titers in your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, your ability to harvest cell culture consistently and effectively becomes more challenging. 3M’s anion exchange (AEX) single-use fiber chromatographic clarification solutions can help streamline your production process.

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    High purity: Lower HCPs and DNA post Protein-A
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    Linear scalability from lab to commercial production
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    Enhancing Protein-A column performance
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    Ease of use: Single-use from early stage to GMP production
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    Cleaner effluent: Introducing chromatographic separation earlier to remove soluble impurities

Biopharmaceutical leaders perspective

  • Cover of A Virtual Think Tank Executive Summary - A Frost & Sullivan Perspective on Next Generation Harvest Techniques

    Read about challenges and unmet needs with current harvest technologies from leaders in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As technology developers learn more about these unmet needs, they can introduce new solutions that can bring cost savings that are significant enough to be worth investment and justify implementation.

Reimagine harvest and push the boundaries of clarification with anion-exchange (AEX) fiber chromatography

Clarification is a critical unit operation in the production of mAbs and recombinant proteins because it directly affects yield, product consistency and performance of downstream unit operations. 3M created a novel purification method by filtering with charge rather than by particle size. The media is designed with a synthetic nonwoven material containing quaternary amine grafted fibers, which can remove more impurities than traditional depth filters.

Large contaminants such as cells and cell debris, plus small insoluble and soluble impurities like DNA and HCP, can be removed at this early stage. Enabling a higher purity earlier in the purification process makes downstream processing easier.​

  • A scanning electron microscopy showing whole cells being adsorbed and captured on the nonwoven fiber
    Filtering with charge rather than particle size

    Viewed with a scanning electron microscopy (SEM), cells can be seen adsorbed and captured throughout the matrix of the functional nonwoven bed of 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier.

  • Infographic of various molecules separated by charge
    Making downstream processing easier

    AEX fibrous functional media can effectively capture cells, cell debris, DNA and HCP that are negatively charged at the harvest cell culture pH. Therefore, the positively charged molecule of interest can flow through.

See how fiber chromatographic clarification technologies perform

3M offers two fiber chromatographic clarification technologies: 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier, a single-stage harvest solution, and 3M™ Emphaze™ Hybrid Purifier, a secondary clarification solution. Read about these technologies in the following studies.

Image of 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier, BT500

Efficient workflows. Excellent clarity.

In 10 minutes*, your lab can have a high-quality sample for downstream processing with 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier, BT500, the latest addition to the 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier portfolio.

*Based on 5-8% PCV culture.


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