Creating vibrant Ecosystem


  • Executive Summary

    In order to enforce its strategy of 'renew and new' and create a dynamic ecosystem for its employees to work in, Infosys tasked 3M to implement its Design-led Graphics solution across its campuses.

  • Challenges

    3M Design team visited all the 11 locations of Infosys and identified problem areas in their existing workspaces. They also mapped all the stakeholders, and based on all these inputs they came up with a modern & state-of-art theme that also resonated with Indian tradition - to produce a desired effect.

  • How Product Helped

    3M's Tubular Daylight Guidance system transports sunlight into the interior spaces - minus the heat and harmful radiations. It gives natural light throughout the day. This mean healthier interiors, lower power costs & green credits.

  • Result

    Infosys takes great pride in being Indian, hence all the design elements had a touch of tradition. Most Infosys food court graphics are based on Indian culture or cuisines.

    The design-led solutions of 3M helped increase the happiness-quotient of the place and this in addition to several other steps taken by Infosys helped reduce the attrition rate to much below than 15% and an increase in the employee productivity. It also helped create an environment where the employees feel connected to the Organization & its ethos.