Reducing accidents & saving lives


  • Executive Summary

    In preparation for the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010, state-of-the-art 'Retro reflective road signage' with appropriate structural system meeting the international standards were executed by 3M.

  • Challenges

    Delhi has the highest rate of accidents in India, and third-highest in the world. Traffic congestion and the resulting road fatalities can be drastically reduced by deploying road signages. Also, Commonwealth Games were round the corner, there was a need to deploy road signages which gives Delhi a feel of a global city & also increases the overall safety on Delhi roads.. Hence there was a need of signage which required less maintenance and which were at par with global practices.

  • How Product Helped

    3M's retro reflective micro prismatic type-XI sheets not only meet the ASTM standards, but they also have a service life of over 10 years. These internationally-adopted sheets are very useful during nights & fog-like conditions.

  • Result

    The graph on the right is clearly representative of the fact that there has been a reduction by over 30% in the number of fatal accidents on the roads of Delhi from the peak in 2008 to the gradual decline in 2015.

    Nothing symbolizes Smart traffic management like 3M's retro reflective road signages. And integrated smart traffic management has to be one of the core projects that can be executed by any aspiring smart city.