Smart Cities with 3M Solutions

Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress, all the while making a real impact in every person’s life.


3M has a diverse portfolio and through a careful and customized blend of these, we bring to you various solutions to make your city smarter, safer and better looking.

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  • City Identity
    City Identity

    Solutions such as environmental graphics, fleet branding, signages, touch-screen kiosks, and variable message sign boards to help re-brand the city's identity.

  • Smart Building
    Smart Building

    Efficient energy and fire management solutions allow for overall safety-ensured interiors for professional and domestic environments alike.

  • Smart Infrastructure
    Smart Infrastructure

    To combat issues that keep cities from transforming into smart cities, smart transportation and solutions such as automatic number plate recognition, traffic signages, and variable messaging signs are vital.

  • Public Safety
    Public Safety

    Solutions pertaining to public safety are the need of the hour, and help resolve problems faced by road users and law enforcement agencies.