We’re living in a world where technology has made its way into every part of a city and even the lives of its citizens. But what good is a technologically advanced city if it doesn’t look the part? What good is technology, if it isn’t used to give the city what it truly deserves, an identity?

Every city in the country has its own identity that is defined by its unique culture and ethos. India being a melting pot of diverse cultures, houses more than 500 such distinctive cities. Each of these are different from the other and completely unique to the core.

Hence, there lies a challenge with the civic authorities to keep alive the core essence of these cities while providing a higher quality of life to its citizens.
This is where 3M’s City Branding and Information Solutions step in.

These solutions metamorphose the city and build a personality under one banner, giving it an identity that stands unique throughout the world.
We provide solutions such as environmental graphics, fleet branding, signages, touch-screen kiosks and variable message signboards that help in successful city branding, thereby enabling coherent city development. At 3M, we aim to completely re-brand a city and give it an identity that stands synonymous with its culture, one that its citizens will be proud of.

Let’s take a closer look at our solutions:


    3M offers state-of-the-art environmental graphics that can be used to convert a simple building into a stunning architectural masterpiece. Our products can be used to advertise on buildings, to add graphics to windows and even the renovation of buildings. These cost effective, flexible and durable graphic solutions promote the city’s brand and create maximum visual impact.
    To access the many products that can be used to refurbish the exteriors of your structure, click here.


    3M’s fleet branding solutions enable cities to re-design their transportation infrastructure and vehicles in brand new livery. These products can be used to bring public transportation, police patrol vehicles, emergency vehicles and utility service vehicles under a unified identity.
    To read more about the products that can assist in fleet branding, click here.


    3M has been making use of products manufactured by means of the latest technology over the past two years to overhaul India’s road signages. These products are designed to be uniform, legible and clearly visible throughout the day and in every weather. These products are used on toll plazas, check posts, highways, city roads, village roads and tourist trails. These signages pass through several mandatory tests that ensure supreme quality and perdurable performance.
    To know more about our signages, click here.


    3M’s back-lit signages make use of both creative designs and innovative technology to deliver optimum performance. The solutions can also be used to create translucent signages, flexible signages and rigid signages. These products make use of high-impact graphics to deliver an unmatched visual impact.
    For more details on such products, click here.


    3M’s Touch Screen Kiosks solutions are touch screens built to be robust, reliable and user-friendly. These touch-screens can be used in the gaming, retail, financial, transportation, entertainment, and healthcare industries. Equipped with sleek and modern aesthetics, heat-tempered sensor glass and an anti-glare screen, they can be used to make the lives of citizens and tourists, simple.


    3M’s Smart Variable Messaging Signboard is used to display real-time information such as, live traffic related data, information pertaining to important events in the city, major tourist spots, important announcements/updates, public helplines and safety related messages and even emergency messages. Its simple display is designed to help citizens and tourists making their way around a city.

WHY 3M ?

From buildings and façades, to subways and flyovers, 3M graphic films can help you maximize the impact of your city branding.

3M™ Graphics help you create a consistent brand identity across different points of contact in the City. 3M graphic and surface finish solutions are tools for city planners ; architects and designers for desired rendering of the city canvas.

Our Graphic films come with exceptional durability and performance and are installed with our network of Authorized partners who ensure that the job is done professionally and on-time.

Once we have you covered, YOU’RE COVERED! - 3M Graphics come with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, the first and still the strongest finished graphics warranty in the industry — gives you a peace of mind.”