Driven to Take Traffic Safety Further

roads in India using 3m road safety products

Road Safety Solutions

3M has provided some of the leading traffic safety solutions around the world. Retroreflective technology is one of them and was pioneered for development by 3M over 80 years ago. As the technology advanced over the years, India's road safety standards for urban, rural and highway roads have also changed to embrace these improved technologies.

Advancements in Retroreflective Technology

From replicating the light-reflecting qualities of the eyes of animals in the early 1900s to today’s highly retroreflective full cube technology, the route to improving road sign visibility for better road safety has come a long way. Technological advancements have produced increments in light return efficiency. It has risen from around 8% of returned light (1930s) to 16% (1970s), and then to 32% (1990s) and the current high of 58% with 3M full cube technology.

types of retroreflective panels

Beneficial Features of 3M Road Safety Products

Rely on 3M road safety products for performance and quality you can trust. Discover the unique product features that help to enhance the efficiency of road safety engineers and road construction workers.

  • sealed edges on reflective sheeting
  • 3m retro reflective sign board
  • thermoplastic road studs
  • quick installation solar road studs
  • road studs with moulded shanks
  • durable 3m aluminum backed flexible prismatic

View 3M Solutions for Specific Road Safety Projects

  • See products and solutions that help improve on road safety risks and hazards associated with rural roads in India.

  • Learn how our complete range of solutions can be applied to cities and urban roads to provide night-time road visibility and safety.

  • 3M offers a full range of products to provide critical safety advantages to drivers on long-distance, high-speed highways.

  • Intelligent displays that help motorists stay informed of live traffic updates, weather conditions, safety messages and more.

  • 3M's high-performing road markings feature high contrast, durability and wet reflectivity. Learn about our pavement marking tapes and its applications in India

  • At 3M, we know traffic sign production workflow impacts your business. From printers to overlay and any components in between, 3M™ Digital Printing Solutions can help you produce fully reflective and durable traffic signs.

  • With 3M™ Temporary Traffic Control Solutions, you can design safer work zones and traffic management through the use of highly visible sheeting for work zone signs and devices and removable pavement markings for roadways. When combined, these high-performing retroreflective technologies help road users navigate unfamiliar roads.

  • Whether you're using digital printing or traditional fabrication methods for traffic signs, 3M has you covered. We provide retroreflective sheeting, inks, and overlays to help you fabricate high-quality traffic signs.