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Road Marking Specifications

With the right road marking specification, you can make a meaningful impact on the motorists that drive on your roads. Including high-performance pavement markings in your project specifications will give you peace of mind that your roads will look good and perform great for years to come.

The roads you want are waiting. We can help you get them.

Why Quality Road Markings Matter


Motorists need reliable lane guidance to help keep them safe on roads – day or night and in all weather conditions. Other reasons:

  • The increased brightness of high-performance road markings has been shown to reduce crashes, especially in nighttime1 and rainy or wet conditions.2,3
  • Brighter pavement markings provide drivers more time to react, which becomes even more critical when drivers travel at higher speeds.4
  • As populations age, brighter markings become even more important to keep drivers safe.5
  • As more drivers rely on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), bright, wet-reflective and wider markings will help ensure your roads are as advanced as the vehicles that travel on them.6
  • 32% reduction of wet-night crashes.

    Reduction of wet-night crashes7

  • 49% reduction of wet-night fatal injury crashes.

    Reduction of wet-night fatal injury crashes7

Study Summary: Safety Effects of Wet Weather Pavement Markings, 3M 2019.


Avoid costly repairs or replacement earlier than expected by checking your pavement marking’s durability. Take into consideration the wear and tear caused by your specific traffic patterns and weather when you specify your road markings. Choose a pavement marking with microcrystalline ceramic beads that are typically tougher and more durable than glass-only beads. Sand abrades softer glass beads, causing them to become diffused, resulting in a less efficient optical system. On observed projects, 3M™ Stamark™ Pavement Marking Tapes averaged above 100 mcd/m2/lux for 7+ years.8

3M Durable Pavement Markings with All Weather Optics

High-Performance Pavement Marking Applications

Regardless of the climate or traffic volumes on your next project, we can help you choose the best 3M solution to deliver the desired level of all-weather retroreflective performance to help improve safety on your roads.

  • Image of the downloadable 3M pavement markings application matrix.

    View the 3M Pavement Markings Application Matrix to find the solution that will fit your needs based on your specific road conditions. It shows Remaining Pavement Service Life to Annual Daily Traffic (ADT), including recommended applications for edge lines, lane lines and spot enhanced delineation.

Technology, Expertise and Global Reach – A System of Safety

Specify 3M Pavement Markings backed by our high-performance technology, in-house expertise, and global reach to help you ensure your roads are as safe as possible.

  • Close up shot of road markings and pavement.
    High-Performance Technology

    Get proven performance in all weather conditions with the advanced materials and technology of 3M Pavement Markings. With high index optics, microcrystalline ceramic beads, durable components and advanced adhesives, our road markings are designed to help make roadways more visible for longer.

  • A road safety expert writing on a clipboard.
    In-House Expertise

    We’ve been improving the safety of roads for more than 80 years. We apply 3M technology platforms across our operation to create products that help make roads safer. Put the power of our expertise to work for you.

  • Global Reach

    From highways to rural roads, and bridges to tunnels, 3M Pavement Markings are used around the world to help make roads safer for everyone. Our team of experts are actively supporting projects and installations of high-performance, all-weather 3M Pavement Markings.

Ready to Learn More about Specifying for Performance and Durability?

We're here to help

Need help in understanding and choosing the right 3M road marking specifications for your projects? Click on the button to ask an expert who will be happy to help.

The Markings That Make a Difference

3M™ Stamark™ Pavement Marking Tape and 3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements are designed for long-lasting reflectivity—giving you what you need to help keep your road markings visible day or night.

  • A strip of 3M Stamark high performance pavement marking tape applied to a road.
    3M™ Stamark™ High Performance Pavement Marking Tape

    3M Stamark High Performance Pavement Marking Tapes set the bar for durability, lasting retroreflectivity and long-term value. This product received a 2021 Road Safety Innovation Award in the Infrastructure Improvement category1—and it’s the only road marking to have obtained the highest certification in Night Visibility and in Rainy Weather.2

  • A truck applies liquid pavement markings with double-drop optics system on the roadway.
    3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements

    3M Connected Roads All Weather Elements utilize some of the most advanced technologies to deliver true reflected colour and optimised visibility for all weather requirements. They feature unique 3M microcrystalline ceramic beads which are more efficient than other glass-beaded optic systems for superior performance and can be optimised for both dry and wet roadway conditions.

Road Safety Academy

We're here to help provide the education you need to do your job, creating safe transportation for motorist and other road users. We've put together a set of on-demand courses to help educate you on 3M Road Safety products and services.

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